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Realising someone's vision is such an exciting and satisfying project, so if you have an idea for an affordable commission, do drop me a line.

Examples of recent commissioned pieces.

Kate & John's View from Rushey Hill.jpg


There is nothing quite like the thrill  - or the challenge! - of plein air painting, so I am out and about as much as possible in the summer months. Living in Sussex by the sea, I am spoilt for choice when it comes to stunning landscapes.

Figurative work

The Feminine, the Sacred and our Blessed Earth are the dominant themes of my figurative paintings, where the lines between Pagan and Christian iconography often blur. My two environmental paintings, 'Tipping Point' and 'Choke', are an indictment of single-use plastics. I recently enjoyed producing small drawings of British fauna, while recovering from Covid.
Contemorary figurative artist Julia Ann Field winning David Rose Award


Click for: Sussex County Arts Club

Click for: the Adur Art Collective

Click for: Patcham Arts

Where to see my work

Patcham Community Centre all year; the Spring Craft Fayre on the Verda houseboat 23rd March; the Brighton & Hove Arts Council's Annual Show in April in Brighton's Friends' Meeting House; in the Sussex County Arts Club Open House throughout the Brighton Festival in May; the Annual Spring Exhibition in Shoreham's St Mary de Haura in June; on the Verda houseboat and in the Church of the Good Shepherd throughout the Adur Art Trail in June; the Winter Craft Fayre on the Verda houseboat in November.

 Facebook: JuliaAnnFieldArt

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